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Quarterly newsletter - January Q1 2019

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter of the year from everyone at Goodfellow…


We’ve got an exciting year ahead jam packed with global exhibitions and charity fundraisers.


New alternative for
discontinued material

Following the discontinuation of Duratec 750 Goodfellow has been working closely with our customers to support their requirements for thermal insulation. Whether this is discussing with our technical team to find suitable materials or providing prototyped parts, we are working to minimise the impact of material changes for our customers.


One popular alternative in Sindanyo H91 which has superior durability to Duratec. If maintaining temperature rating is important then our technical team can assist in providing alternatives.

We provided materials to
develop an electric race car for FST

We collaborated with Formula Student team, Instituto Technico at The University of Lisbon to encourage the major development of the two latest prototypes including the FST 07e and FST 08e.


In order to develop the electric race car, we provided the necessary materials needed.

Custom alloys in small quantities for research

Custom alloys from Goodfellow are generally available as foil, wire and sheet. Goodfellow offers a custom alloy service to researchers and design engineers seeking performance characteristics not available from standard alloys.

Major constituents
Custom alloys have been produced with gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and/or nickel as major constituents, with other elements sometimes added to create unusual alloys and alloys that contain challenging combinations.


Production techniques

The custom alloys described above are usually vacuum-cast. Goodfellow can also provide a limited range of items produced through mechanical alloying, a process similar to metal powder processing. An example would be an alloy, in powder form, of iron with aluminium oxide:
(Fe98.1%/Mn1.8%/C0.1%) 98wt% / Al2O3 2wt%.

Generally available as foil, wire and sheet, although other forms can be considered. The custom alloy’s ductility, which is not always predictable, can limit the forms that can be created.

Quantities from 50 to 100g are typical.


New features on our
‘Materials Hub’ website

- New materials added
- Designer spotlight

Our new feature on our Materials Hub platform showcases an array of projects from designers and artists.


Register for free today and
move your R&D projects

Visit the app store or Google play and search for “Goodfellow Materials Hub”


Ceramic Fasteners

To cope with very hot applications, Goodfellow supplies ceramic fasteners that are capable of being used at temperatures between 1650-1700°C. Ceramics offer many advantageous properties, particularly when it comes to managing heat. Not only do ceramic components block heat, they also have a low thermal expansion, are practically immune to corrosion, and most acids or fluids have no effect on them.

The fasteners are generally sold in low volumes to specific sectors, which include space and research applications. The fasteners are made in both alumina and high strength zirconia. They have the distinct advantage of not only being able to operate at extremely high temperatures but as they are produced through injection molding, they are much more cost effective than ceramic fasteners, previously on the market.

The zirconia bolts have a four-point bend strength of 352MPa and a maximum service temperature of 2,200°C and come in a variety of metric and imperial sizes. A standard M2 bolt is stronger than an equivalent nylon bolt but with other inherent material advantages.

Goodfellow supplies a range of ceramic fasteners starting from M2 x 5mm long up to M8 x 60mm long. Imperial sizes are also available. Head types include: Hex Head, Pan Head, Socket Head and Cheese Head.

Goodfellow visit CERN

Once again Goodfellow were delighted to attend the UK@CERN event, kindly rganised by DIT (Department for International Trade) and STFC (Science and Technologies Council). As always, the event ran very smoothly and facilitated many good discussions and meetings with Scientists and Engineers at CERN.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research that Goodfellow are proud to have been working with for over 50 years. The UK@CERN event allows discussions with a few of our many customers working at CERN on an individual level, and really get to understand their specific requirements. It is always humbling and exciting to hear about the applications of some of our products in use in the LHC (large hadron collider) and in the surrounding research going on across the massive site spread across a northwest suburb of Geneva and on the Franco–Swiss border.

Thanks again to the teams at DIT and STFC for organising such a great event; and to the researchers at CERN for continuing to push the limits of knowledge and inspiring us in our supply of materials for innovation.


Goodfellow’s materials
showcased at Espacio Gallery,

Covering a wide range of categories – from metals, to ceramics and glass, to polymers and composites which can be used for their technical abilities, the materials can also offer a wealth of extraordinary textures and sensory outputs.

Manuela Kagerbaur experimented with materials from our catalogue and used copper foil to produce a powerful work of art which was showcased at Espacio Gallery during London’s Design Festival.


Goodfellow turn purple to

fundraise for 

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Before the festivities began, at Goodfellow HQ we held a ‘wear it purple day’ in support of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

From purple clothing and accessories to wigs and a bake sale we continued to raise funds for a charity that is close to our hearts.

We have a track record of fundraising for the charity year after year and the support keeps on growing. In total we managed to raise £206.000 and aim to hold more fundraiser days throughout 2019.

Throwback to 2018 Exhibitions


Upcoming Events


We’re exhibiting at more trade shows over the next few months...

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